My personal training philosophy involves keeping things simple.

There are a lot of fads and trends out there and this can make it very difficult for the average gym goer to discern what is truth and what is fiction. Especially in Santa Monica and Los Angeles as a whole.

As a personal trainer, I focus on the simplest, yet most effective techniques that get the most results for the least amount of hassle and confusion. And the truth is, fitness is actually quite simple, but by no means easy. Essentially, I break down high-level fitness concepts and make them digestible for regular people.

The majority of my clients train with me at a privately owned gym in West Los Angeles/Santa Monica called “The Gym LA”. However, I am open to discussing training at other locations per your request.

I’m certified as a personal trainer through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and as a bodyweight instructor through StrongFirst. My training style utilizes a lot of kettlebell and bodyweight exercises. However, I will ultimately use whichever exercise modalities will best move you towards your goals (whether they be dumbbells, kettlebells, bodyweight, barbells etc.)

As a 1-on-1 personal training client, here are some of the things you will learn and some of the benefits you will experience:  

  • Improve posture, mobility and flexibility

  • Optimize sleep and maximize recovery

  • Learn how to perform routine maintenance on your body

  • Undo the damage from living in the modern world

  • Learn proper nutrition and how to eat optimally

  • Increase Strength

  • Build Muscle

  • Burn fat

  • Look better naked

  • Improve athletic performance

Fitness & Health is a Journey

Fitness is not simply a job to me. It is a lifestyle. Its not something I do just because I want to look good for the summer. I do this because I want to consistently improve myself and be a slightly better human being that I was yesterday. You only have one life and one body, so why wouldn’t you want to be the greatest version of yourself? I can help you get on the path to becoming stronger, healthier, sexier and an overall physically better human being. But the choice to get started is yours. If you’re someone living in West Los Angeles or Santa Monica looking for a personal trainer to help you begin your fitness journey, click the button below to get started.